Meaningful Professional Development for Music Educators

Theresa Hoover brings her passion and enthusiasm to presentations, workshops, and professional development programs in both in-person and virtual settings. Her sessions are inspiring and practical. Teachers will leave not only excited to try new things in their classrooms, but also with a clear picture of how to do so.

Theresa often speaks to music educators about empowering their students, creating learner-centered environments, and integrating technology into the music room. Her presentations can be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization and event.

Keynote Topics

  • Go Beyond Engagement…to Empowerment!
  • Creating a Student-Centered Music Room
  • You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup: Prioritize Music Teacher Well-Being

Training Topics

  • Let’s Get Googley: Creating the Google-Filled Music Room
  • Put Them in the Driver’s Seat: Music Tech for Student Empowerment
  • Maximize Student Voice and Choice in Music
  • Digital Tools for Formative Assessment in Music Education
  • Using Flipgrid to Promote Student Voice


Theresa is available to work with teachers and music departments to revitalize, invigorate, and transform their teaching practices. Coaching is available for a one-time session, or can be scheduled as ongoing meetings. Just as each music teacher is an individual, each coaching session will be customized to meet your individual needs. Contact Theresa for help with:

  • Meaningful technology integration
  • Empowering music students
  • Optimizing your digital classroom
  • Organizing your music classes in the 21st century

Guest Conducting

Theresa is a well-respected guest conductor, specializing in elementary and middle school instrumental ensembles. Students under her direction will experience a variety of diverse repertoire, delve into the music beyond the notes and rhythms, and take ownership of the music-making process. Theresa is available for both in-person and virtual guest conducting opportunities.

Interested in working with Theresa?

Are you looking for quality professional development that is meaningful to music educators? Are you curious about private coaching sessions to elevate your teaching practice? Do you need a guest conductor for an upcoming festival or event? Request more information here:

“I was struggling with engaging all of my students in certain lessons. Theresa was able to clearly demonstrate the benefits of some new-to-me tech tools, Flipgrid and Google Jamboard. She got me quickly set up and ready to use both of them the very next day. I have noticed a huge different in student engagement!”

Janet M

4th Grade Teacher

“I had always been overwhelmed with the concept of increasing student voice in my classroom. Theresa helped me to see that I can move beyond student engagement to student empowerment by taking small, simple steps. We looked at a film scoring project that I implemented this year, where the goals and learning outcomes were very teacher-centric and found places where students can reflect on their prior knowledge and set goals. It was a small change that had a big impact-I could see immediately which students would benefit from extensions or interventions. Moving forward, I hope to refine the project even more to allow more space for student voice and agency.”

Brittany G

Music Teacher

“This year one of my goals was to create virtual content for my students that is accessible for all learners, especially those with individual education plans (IEPs). Theresa helped me in my planning process and provided me with solutions that worked for both for my curriculum goals and the needs of my students in the online learning environment.”

Miriam C

Music Teacher